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The SuperNEMO tracker

The SuperNEMO tracker will consist of drift cells operated in Geiger mode. Manchester is working on the Geiger cells R&D as a part of WP2, the Tracker package of the UK SuperNEMO project.

The first 9-cell prototype was set up with electrostatic cell similar to the existing NEMO 3 design. The prototype was constructed and wired, and has been undergoing extensive tests. We also have a single drift cell taking data for Geiger propagation studies. Here are some photos from the detector development lab.

The second 9-cell prototype uses the endcap design developed for the wiring robot. The prototype was constructed and wired manually. Here are the photos from the assembly and wiring of the second 9-cell prototype.

The 90-cell prototype is the main tracker prototype for SuperNEMO. It was wired semi-manually in October 2008 in Manchester, by using the wiring robot prototype. It has since been commissioned and is taking data with cosmic muons.

For information on data aqcuisition using the FADC readout for the 90-cell prototype, see FADC prototype DAQ.

For instructions on how to analyse data from the prototypes, see data processing.



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