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The 90-cell tracker prototype for SuperNEMO

The 90-cell is the main tracker prototype and will be used to define the eventual design of the SuperNEMO tracker. Its performance is being studied with cosmic rays, radioactive sources and a UV laser.

The 90-cell prototype comprises cells of 44 mm pitch and 370 cm length. Each cell has an anode of diameter 40 microns, which is surrounded by 12 ground wires of diameter 50 microns, arranged in an octagonal layout. The Delrin machined cell endcaps have been designed for automated wiring.

The cells are arranged into nine horizontal layers of ten cells each. They are held in a support frame of stainless steel which is housed in a stainless steel gas vessel.

The 90-cell prototype was wired semi-manually in October 2008 in Manchester, by using the wiring robot prototype. It has since been commissioned and is taking data with cosmic muons.


  • 90-cell event displays from cosmic muons.
  • Photos from the construction of individual cells and their arrangement in the frame.
  • Photos from the assembly of the frame, its insertion into the gas tank, the electrical connections and the closed tank.
  • Various photos of the wires, cell endcaps and the gas tank.



  • Tracking-related documents and talks can be found on docdb (private).


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