Event Viewer

This applet represents the drift chamber of the BaBar detector. The event shown is the decay of a . It decays into a meson and a meson. The decays almost instantly into an electron and a positron, and the travels a short distance before decaying into a and a .

Use the upper-right scrollbar to zoom in and out and the lower-right scrollbars to rotate the detector. The lower-left scrollbar adjusts the magnetic field (and hence the curvature of the charged particles' tracks). Click on the tracks for information on the particle.

Note: This part of the detector only detects charged particles. However, the paths of the uncharged particles can be inferred. In particular, we have marked the path of the (zoom right in to see it).

Click on the links below to view different events.

  Event 1     Event 2     Event 3  
  Event 4     Event 5     Event 6  

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