The Physics of the BaBar Experiment

This website explains the physics behind the BaBar experiment, which is currently taking place at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in California. It is aimed at A-level physics students, but hopefully anyone with an interest in physics will be able to get something from these pages.

There are two main strands to this site. The first describes background physics. It discusses antimatter, the Standard Model, parity and CP violation. The second describes the experiment itself, and discusses what the physicists are looking for and how they are doing this.

Background Physics The BaBar Experiment
[Introduction] [Antimatter]
[The Standard Model] [Parity]
[CP Invariance] [CP Violation]
[BaBar and the Missing Antimatter]

This website was designed as part of an MPhys project at the University of Manchester's Department of Physics and Astronomy by David Henley and Josey Allnutt.

A "BaBar Schools' Pack" aimed at teachers and students of A-level physics is available from PPARC (the UK's Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council). Some of the material in the package is similar to that on this site, but the package also contains classroom-based activities, teaching notes and publicity posters produced by PPARC. Click here for ordering information.

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