CALICE-UK Meeting at Imperial on March 27th 2007


Time Title Person
11.00-11.10 Welcome and Introduction Paul Dauncey
11.10-11.40 MAPS - Status and Prospects Marcel Stanitzki
11.40-12.10 MAPS ECAL Clustering Yoshi Mikami
12.10-12.40 Single Event Upsets and Calorimeter Occupancy Matthew Wing for Valeria Bartsch
12.40-13.30 LUNCH  
13.30-13.50 FPGAs and Networking Marc Kelly
13.50-14.00 Status of Glue Studies Marc/Roger for Ray
14.00-14.30 LCFI Status Report Konstantin Stefanov
14.30-14.50 Test Beam Monte Carlo Fab
14.50-15.10 Test Beam Data Reprocessing and LCWS Preparations David Ward
15.10-15.40 Status of Tracking Michele
15:40-16:10 ECAL Position Resolution Hakan
16:10-16.30 WW/ZZ Analysis Update Wenbiao Yan