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The experiment at Fermilab near to Chicago is studying proton-antiproton collisions at the Tevatron. The Tevatron is currently the highest energy running particle collider. Data taking will continue until at 2011.

Some of the main scientific objectives of DØ are:

  • Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson;
  • Precise measurements of the masses of the top quark and the W boson;
  • Detailed studies of the properties, production and decays of the top quark;
  • Search for supersymmetric particles and other manifestations of new physics (e.g. leptoquarks, large extra dimensions);
  • Search for supersymmetric Higgs bosons.
The Manchester Group's main research interests are electroweak precision measurements (Terry Wyatt), the search for the Higgs boson (Stefan Söldner-Rembold) and the properties of the top quark (Christian Schwanenberger).

The DØ Collaboration Meeting was held in Manchester in August 2006 (photo) .

Some of our work has been featured on 'Fermilab Today':

The Manchester group on DØ currently consists of:

  • Kristian Harder (Visitor from RAL)
  • Tim Head (PhD student)
  • Krisztian Peters (STFC-funded postdoc, Higgs Group Convener since 2008)
  • Yvonne Peters (postdoc, Royal Society Newton Fellow, Double Top Subgroup Convener since 2009)
  • Philip Rich (PhD student)
  • Christian Schwanenberger (Royal Society University Fellow, Lecturer, Top Group Convener since 2007)
  • Stefan Söldner-Rembold (Professor, Group Leader 2004-2007, DØ Physics Coordinator 2007-2009, DØ Spokesperson since 2009)
  • Louise Suter (PhD student)
  • Maiko Takahashi (STFC-funded postdoc)
  • Mika Vesterinen (PhD student)
  • Terry Wyatt (Professor, DØ Spokesperson 2004-2007, Group Leader )
  • Wan-Ching Yang (PhD student)
and two MPhys students (Sophie Redford and Peter Waller)

Former members of the groups (theses) :

  • Mark Owen (PhD student, graduated 2008, now on ATLAS Manchester)
  • Remigius Mommsen (STFC-funded postdoc, 2005-2008, now with FNAL-CMS)
  • Matthew Ford (PPARC Postdoctoral Fellow, until 2007)
  • Brian Cox (Royal Society Fellow, until 2006, now FP420)
  • Paul Telford (PhD student, graduated 2006, now at Cambridge)
  • James Monk (PhD student, graduated 2006, now at UCL)
  • Tamsin Edwards (PhD student, graduated 2006, now at Bristol University)
  • Nasim Fatemi-Ghomi (MSc student, graduated 2005, now PhD student on SuperNEMO at Manchester)
  • Liang Han (PPARC-funded postdoc until 2004, now at USTC, Hefei, China)
  • Michiel Sanders (PPARC-funded postdoc until 2004, now at LPNHE, Paris)
  • Andre Turcot (PPARC-funded research physicist until 2005)
  • Simon Dean (PhD student, graduated 2005, now at UCL)
  • Gavin Hesketh (PhD student, graduated 2003, now at Northwestern)
  • Emily Nurse (PhD student, graduated 2005, now at UCL)

Please contact Stefan Söldner-Rembold or Terry Wyatt if you would like to find out more about the group, in particular if you are interested in opportunities to apply for postdoctoral research fellowships to work on DØ with Manchester. <

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