Nemo 2007
July 15-18, 2007




General Information

The July 2007 NEMO collaboration meeting will be held at the University of Manchester. Sessions will start on Monday, July 16th and run through Wednesday, July 18th.

  • Registration Fee:

    The registration fee is charged per day and includes lunch and coffee.

    You can pay the registration fee by

    • Wire Transfer:

      Please quote the name of the participant (or group) on your payment. This is important so that your payment can be identified.

      Bank: SMILE BANK
      Address: 9-14 Prescot Street, Floor 5, London E1 8BE
      Sort Code: 08:92:88
      Account Name: Stefan Soldner-Rembold
      Account Number: 03435928
      IBAN: GB56 CPBK 0892 8803 4359 28

      Please make sure that there are no charges deducted from the recipient.

    • Credit Card:

      Fill out the Credit Card form and fax it to +44-161-275-0480 . You need to use British Pounds on the form.

    • UK cheque (not US):

      Make the cheque payable to the University of Manchester and send it to the contact address.

    • Cash:

      Cash payments will be accepted at the registration.

  • Lunches:

    included in the registration fee.

  • Currency:

    The current exchange rates for one British Pound are about 1.5 Euro and 2.0 US-$.

  • Visa Requirements:

    No visa required for EU, US and Canadian citizens. For more information please consult the Home Office web pages. The UK is not a Schengen state and Schengen visa are not valid. Please contact if you need an invitation to the workshop.

  • Climate:

    The mean temperature in Manchester in July is 16 Celsius or 61 Fahrenheit (more details).



  Organised by the University of Manchester