NEMO 2007
July 15-18, 2007





  • Plane:

    Manchester Airport has direct flights from most major European cities. Several budget airlines also fly to Manchester. See the list of direct connections.

    Direct trains from the airport to the city centre take about 20 mins and cost 3 Pounds. Bus number 43 goes from the airport to the city and stops next to Hulme Hall in Rusholme at similar price. Taxis are about 15 Pounds.

    You can also fly to Liverpool airport which is mainly served by easyJet and Ryanair (see destinations). Taxis to Manchester are about 60 Pounds. There is a bus from Liverpool airport to Manchester city centre which takes about 1 hour (5 Pounds for the return journey).

  • Trains:

    The relevant stations are Manchester Piccadilly or Manchester Oxford Road. Trains from London leave at Euston Station. For train connections, consult National Rail. Train prices in the UK vary largely with travel times and how far in advance you book the ticket. If you just buy the ticket on the train, you will pay 200 Pounds for the return trip to London, but you can get the same ticket for about 60 Pounds or less if you buy in advance and avoid peak times. Trains between London and Manchester take about 2 1/2 hours.

  • Car:

    Manchester is about 200 miles north of London. For driving instructions, see mapquest. Please remember that (all!) cars drive on the left ! No cars are needed during the workshop. Please contact us if you need parking arrangements (which will cost extra).

  • Coach:

    National Express coaches serve over 1,200 destinations across the UK from the Chorlton Street Coach Station, which is near Piccadilly railway station and a short walk from both University campuses. You can contact the Chorlton Street Coach Station on: 08705 808080.

More information (including maps) can be found on the University's travel page.



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