NEMO3 and SuperNEMO Collaboration Meeting
June 6-10, 2011




General Information

The June 2011 NEMO3 and SuperNEMO collaboration meeting will be held at the University of Manchester. Sessions will start on Monday, June 6th and run through Thursday, with Friday morning held in reserve.

  • Registration Fee:

    The registration fee is £120 and includes conference sessions and materials, lunches, coffee and tea breaks, the Welcome Reception, the Workshop Dinner and the excursion.

    For details of how to pay, please see the registration page.

  • Deadline:

    We can only guarantee places in the Ibis Hotel on Charles Street (see the accommodation page) for participants who register before 24 April.

  • Lunches:

    included in the registration fee.

  • Currency:

    The current exchange rates can be seen here.

  • Visa Requirements:

    No visa required for EU, US and Canadian citizens. For more information please consult the Home Office web pages. The UK is not a Schengen state and Schengen visas are not valid. Please contact if you need an invitation to the workshop.

  • Climate:

    The mean temperature in Manchester in June is 17 Celsius or 63 Fahrenheit (more details).



  Organised by the University of Manchester