NEMO3 and SuperNEMO Collaboration Meeting
June 6-10, 2011





The agenda for Monday's NEMO3 meeting (DocDB) can be found HERE.

The agenda for the SuperNEMO meeting (Tuesday-Thursday) can be found HERE.

Meeting Venue: Schuster Laboratory, Brunswick Street, Building 54 on the Campus Map.

Overall agenda (social programme times to be confirmed):

  • Monday, 6 June
      Morning and afternoon: NEMO Meetings
      6pm: Welcome Reception in the Neils Bohr Common Room, 6th floor of the Schuster Building
  • Tuesday, 7 June
      Morning and Afternoon: SuperNEMO Meetings
      7pm: Collaboration Dinner at Christie's Bistro, Oxford Road, Manchester University
  • Wednesday, 8 June
      Morning: SuperNEMO Meetings
      Afternoon: Excursion to Chatsworth House. Coaches depart from the Schuster building at 13:15, arriving at Chatsworth at 14:30.
  • Thursday, 9 June
      SuperNEMO Meetings
  • Friday, 10 June
      Morning: reserved for overflow



  Organised by the University of Manchester