BohrÕs Lunch Discussions


Time: Friday 1-2pm

Location: Neils BohrÕs Room (6th flr)


Lunch starts at 1:00pm.

Discussion starts at 1:10pm for 30 min.




Feb. 9: Stefan Sšldner-Rembold  Double Beta Decays



Discussion Pools (Many of them are not confirmed):


1.    Neutrino Physics

a.    Double Beta decays (SuperNEMO vs other exps.) : Stefan Soldner-Rembold

b.    NEMO Analysis: Nasim Fatemi

c.     SuperNEMO status

d.    Neutrino Physics beyond the Standard Model


2.    Flavour Physics

a.     Prospects at BaBar (What is the point of BaBar?): George Lafferty

b.     Nick Barlow

c.     Ming


3.     Hadron Collider Physics (QCD/EWK/TOP/HIGGS/BSM)

a.     Tevatron Prospect

b.     Top Physics :  Christian/Un-ki

c.     Top Mass :Christian/Un-ki

d.     Top Spin-correlation : Christian

e.     Higgs Physics : Stefan 

f.      Higgs->TauTau at D0 :  Mark/Wan-Ching

g.     HW->bbtau-nu : Philip Rich

h.     Top triggers at ATLAS : Simon

i.      Charged Higgs at ATLAS : Jenna

j.      Resummation/non-perturbative QCD : Mrinal

k.     Jet Energy Scale: Un-ki

l.      Jet algorithm  : Andrew Pilkington

m.   Why diffractive? :Fred L?

n.     Forward Proton tagging for new physics (FP420) : Brian

o.     What is ExHuME? :  Andrew Pilkington:

p.     EWK symmetry breaking & Higgs mechanism: JeffÕs group (Tim/Malin)

q.     Higgsless model and new physics : JeffÕs group (Tim/Malin)


4.     Accelerator & Detectors

a.     What is going at the Cockoft?

b.     Latest development on the ILC

c.     Everything about nonscaling FFAG? Roger Barlow:

d.     Challenges in new accelerator: Rob?

e.     All about Silicon Pixel (status and challenge):  new Brunel group

f.      Sweet CALICE:  David


5.     Cosmology

a.     Cosmology for beginner:  Richard Batty

b.     Interface between particle and cosmology

c.     More fancy theories by Apostolos, Bjorn and more É


6.     Misc


a.     Statistics: delta chi squared and significance (Roger Barlow)

b.     Neutral discrimination using Genetic Programming (James Werner)