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BABAR at Manchester

The BABAR experiment at the PEP-II asymmetric B factory at SLAC has performed precision studies of B decays. It has already published over 300 papers including the first observation of CP violation in the B sector, accurate measurements of the angles of the unitarity triangle and constraints on the Standard Model, first observation of direct CP violation in B decays, and the discovery of several new mesons in the charm system.

The Manchester group has been active in BaBar from the start. We built half the endcap calorimeter, and have contributed to the trigger hardware and the EMC electronics. Currently our main reserach interest is in the studies of tau leptons, which are also produced copiously by PEPII.


  • Roger Barlow
    Statistics Group Convenor
    tau -> pi+ pi- pi+ pi0 nu decays
  • George Lafferty
    Collaboration Council Chair
    tau- -> pi+ pi- pi+ pi0 pi0 nu

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