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Ph.D. Theses

Measurement of the Diffractive Proton Structure Function and Calibration of the Forward Muon Detector at H1
Andrew Mehta (December)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Event Classification at HERA and The Development of the Resistive Plate Chamber for LHC
Alison E. Wright (December)

A Measurement of the Tau Polarization Asymmetry from Acolinearity at OPAL
Nicholas J. Tresilian (October)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Inclusive Strange Vector and Tensor Meson Production in Hadronic Z0 Decays
Allan J. Skillman (September)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

The theory of coherent states and its applications to Quantum Optics and Quantum Optical Communications
A. Vourdas (July)

Measurement of Electroweak Parameters Using the Muon Pair Charge Asymmetry at OPAL
Gareth E. Richards (June)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

A Determination of the Three Jet Rate for b quarks and a test of Massive QCD at LEP
Stuart Barnett (February)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

M.Sc. Theses

An Investigation of Microstrip Gas Chambers
Susanne Walsh (October)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Investigation of the Operation of Resistive Plate Chambers
Jane T. Bromley (September)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Simulation and Visualisation of the Microstrip Gas Chamber
Andrew Randewich (September)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

Drift Chamber Calibration Using Laser Ionization
Robert K. Griffiths (September)
Abstract, PDF, Postscript

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