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For my Ph.D. I studied the physics of WW bosons scattering in the context of a Future Linear Collider. The EWSM mechanism, by which vector bosons acquire their mass, can be explored in the absence of a light Higgs particle. The scattering of longitudinal polarized bosons becomes strong and its dynamics reveals new physics in the TeV scale.

I studied the scattering of WW in e+e- collisions at a centre of mass energy of 800 GeV. I followed the TESLA technical design proposal and used its fast detector simulation SIMDET.

Although an attempt was made to extract the sensitivities for that experiment, this was not possible due to complications on the statistical interpretation of the results.

I worked at the University of Edinburgh as a Research Assistant for the LHCb experiment.

Documents, Work and Links related to WW scattering studies

Thesis title: WW scattering studies for a future linear collider


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