Dr. Andrés Felipe Osorio

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osorio.af _.@_. gmail.com

My old (and beloved) address:
Office: 5302
James Clerk Maxwell Building
School of Physics
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, EH9 3JZ
Scotland, UK

I was a Research Assistant in the Particle Physics Experiments Group at The University of Edinburgh. Main activities involved physics analysis (simulation) and software development for the LHCb experiment. In particular we studied in detail the Bs->J/psi phi decay. Other activities include local software maintenance and organisation of our group meetings.

I was a postgraduate student at Manchester. I completed my Ph.D. thesis early in 2006 on WW scattering studies for the TESLA experiment.


A more detailed vue of my current projects and activities is found at my TWiki web site at CERN.

I helped with the organisation of the 3rd LHCb-UK Software Course. If you want to read more about it and see the programme, please visit the TWiki site. There is also an article on the GridPP website.


PT and Mixing WG (21/02/07)
PT and Mixing WG (16/05/07)
LHCb Week Physics session (6/06/07)


Sentitivity studies to phis and dgams using the full Bs -> Jpsi phi angular distribution at the LHCb: LHCb-2007-101 (LHCb public note)

On the ILC (contributed to): Physics Interplay of the LHC and the ILC


The following is some documentation I have produced for various purposes:

Guide to the local installation of the LHCb software: Guide 1
Distributed computing at Edinburgh: Guide 2

Some more documentation I generated using doxygen:

ZVTOP: LCDROOT documentation (doxygen)
GFAL-Gaudi: GFAL documentation (doxygen)


Edinburgh Particle Physics

Edinburgh LHCb group page
TWiki Edinburgh LHCb group site
University library
Peter's C/C++ Course
Particle Physics 3rd year

Fitting basics

Paul Avery's fitting theory page

On HEP Software

CEDAR HepForge
MathMore Library

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