proto_ops Struct Reference

#include <gfal.h>

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Public Attributes

char * proto_name
int libok
int(* checkprotolib )(struct proto_ops *)
int(* geterror )()
int(* maperror )(struct proto_ops *, int)
int(* access )(const char *, int)
int(* chmod )(const char *, mode_t)
int(* close )(int)
int(* closedir )(DIR *)
off_t(* lseek )(int, off_t, int)
off64_t(* lseek64 )(int, off64_t, int)
int(* lstat )(const char *, struct stat *)
int(* lstat64 )(const char *, struct stat64 *)
int(* mkdir )(const char *, mode_t)
int(* open )(const char *, int,...)
DIR *(* opendir )(const char *)
ssize_t(* read )(int, void *, size_t)
dirent *(* readdir )(DIR *)
dirent64 *(* readdir64 )(DIR *)
int(* rename )(const char *, const char *)
int(* rmdir )(const char *)
ssize_t(* setfilchg )(int, const void *, size_t)
int(* stat )(const char *, struct stat *)
int(* stat64 )(const char *, struct stat64 *)
int(* unlink )(const char *)
ssize_t(* write )(int, const void *, size_t)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file gfal.h.

Member Data Documentation

int(* proto_ops::access)(const char *, int)

Referenced by gfal_access().

int(* proto_ops::checkprotolib)(struct proto_ops *)

Referenced by get_sup_proto().

int(* proto_ops::chmod)(const char *, mode_t)

Referenced by gfal_chmod().

int(* proto_ops::close)(int)

Referenced by gfal_close().

int(* proto_ops::closedir)(DIR *)

Referenced by gfal_closedir().

int(* proto_ops::geterror)()

int proto_ops::libok

Definition at line 24 of file gfal.h.

Referenced by get_sup_proto().

off_t(* proto_ops::lseek)(int, off_t, int)

Referenced by gfal_lseek().

off64_t(* proto_ops::lseek64)(int, off64_t, int)

Referenced by gfal_lseek64().

int(* proto_ops::lstat)(const char *, struct stat *)

Referenced by gfal_lstat().

int(* proto_ops::lstat64)(const char *, struct stat64 *)

Referenced by gfal_lstat64().

int(* proto_ops::maperror)(struct proto_ops *, int)

Referenced by deletepfn(), gfal_access(), gfal_chmod(), gfal_close(), gfal_closedir(), gfal_lseek(), gfal_lseek64(), gfal_lstat(), gfal_lstat64(), gfal_mkdir(), gfal_open(), gfal_opendir(), gfal_read(), gfal_readdir(), gfal_readdir64(), gfal_rename(), gfal_rmdir(), gfal_setfilchg(), gfal_stat(), gfal_stat64(), and gfal_write().

int(* proto_ops::mkdir)(const char *, mode_t)

Referenced by gfal_mkdir().

int(* proto_ops::open)(const char *, int,...)

Referenced by gfal_open().

DIR*(* proto_ops::opendir)(const char *)

Referenced by gfal_opendir().

char* proto_ops::proto_name

Definition at line 23 of file gfal.h.

Referenced by find_pops(), and get_sup_proto().

ssize_t(* proto_ops::read)(int, void *, size_t)

Referenced by gfal_read().

struct dirent*(* proto_ops::readdir)(DIR *)

Referenced by gfal_readdir().

struct dirent64*(* proto_ops::readdir64)(DIR *)

Referenced by gfal_readdir64().

int(* proto_ops::rename)(const char *, const char *)

Referenced by gfal_rename().

int(* proto_ops::rmdir)(const char *)

Referenced by gfal_rmdir().

ssize_t(* proto_ops::setfilchg)(int, const void *, size_t)

Referenced by gfal_setfilchg().

int(* proto_ops::stat)(const char *, struct stat *)

Referenced by gfal_stat(), and mdtomd32().

int(* proto_ops::stat64)(const char *, struct stat64 *)

Referenced by gfal_stat64().

int(* proto_ops::unlink)(const char *)

Referenced by deletepfn().

ssize_t(* proto_ops::write)(int, const void *, size_t)

Referenced by gfal_write().

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