Mr Aaron Farricker

Hello, my name is Aaron Farricker and im currently a PhD student in the Accelerator Physics group at the University of Manchester where my research is supervised by Prof. Roger M. Jones

Current Research

In September 2013 I was lucky enough to secure an ESS Scholarship and hence my work is intimately connected to the ESS accelerator in Lund, Sweden. I will be working closely with Dr Stephen Molloy from ESS. The main area of my research is in looking at the uses of Higher Order Modes (HOM's) in superconducting accelerator cavities, looking particularly at there possible use in beam diagnostics. I am looking at several of the cavities used in the superconducting section of the Linac, the High and Low Beta elliptical cavities and also at the Spoke Cavities.

Contact Infomation

Office: Room 7.25 in the Schuster Building at The University of Manchester


Mr Aaron Farricker
Accelerator Physics Group
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
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