Setting up and running LArSoft at Manchester

Detailed explanations on how to install/use LArSoft can be found in the LArSoft wiki pages:

Setting up your environment

For each experiment (DUNE, MicroBooNE, SBND, LArIAT...), you need to build the experiment-specific code. Below is an example of how to set up the code for SBND. A very similar workflow can be expected for other experiments code, but different packages and versions are required.

Running larsoft

Package names for different experiments

Experiment codebase name
MicroBooNE uboonecode
SBND (formerly LAr1ND) lar1ndcode
DUNE (formerly LBNE or LBNF) lbnecode
LArIAT ???

How to submit NorthGrid jobs from Manchester Linux machines

For complex and intensive computing tasks, it is best to not run things locally on a single machine. Manchester hosts part of the open science computing grid, where computing jobs can be run. It is also possible to use the Fermigrid for Fermilab-based computing. Instructions for this are here.
The first step in running jobs on NorthGrid, is to apply for a grid certificate. Follow the steps indicated in the link [basically what you will do is to “Apply for an e-Science Certificate” and “Join northgrid Virtual Organization”]:
Once your VO (virtual organisation) registration is complete, you can submit jobs as follows: