IoP Half-Day Meeting on

Physics at B Factories

Schuster Laboratory, University of Manchester

19 November 2003

13.00 16.30


This half-day meeting will cover a range of topics at a level

suitable for the entire particle physics community. Speakers

have been asked to address a wide audience. The spokesman

and spokesman-elect of BaBar, Marcello Giorgi and David

Macfarlane, will be at the meeting to take part in discussions.


Provisional programme (scheduled times include 5 minutes for questions and discussion):

13.00 Introduction to B factories machines, experiments and physics: Chris Cormack (QMUL)

13.30 Charm physics at B factories two new narrow Ds states: Chris Hawkes (Birmingham)

13.55 Tau and hadron physics at B factories: Jenny Williams (Manchester)

14.25 CP-violation studies: Adrian Bevan (Liverpool)

15.10 TEA

15.30 Radiative and rare B decays: Fabrizio Salvatore (RHUL)


16.05 Physics at Super B Factories: Christos Touramanis (Liverpool)


16.30 END Cheese and wine all welcome



Travel directions to the Schuster Laboratory can be found here.


Please inform (telephone 0161 275 4199) if you plan to attend. If you will be coming by car, please request a parking permit.



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