edited by

A. Donnachie and G. Shaw

Published by Plenum Press: Volume I (1978) ISBN: 0-306-31052-X ; Volume II (1979) ISBN: 0-31106-2(vol.2).

Electromagnetic interactions of hadrons is a two volume collection of review articles giving a critical survey of the subject in the late seventies. While some of the articles dealing with high energy phenomena are hopelessly out of date, some of those dealing with interactions at low and intermediate energies are still useful, and have been given a new lease of life by the developement of CEBAF.


1. Quarks and Symmetries by A.J.G. Hey.
2. Electromagnetic Excitation and Decay of Hadron Resonances by R.G. Moorhouse.
3. Low Energy Pion Photoproduction by A. Donnachie and G. Shaw.
4. Exclusive Electroproduction Processes by D.H. Lyth.
5. Form Factors and Electroproduction by A. Donnachie, G. Shaw and D.H. Lyth.
5. High Energy Photoproduction: Non-diffractive Processes by J.K. Storrow.
5. High Energy Photoproduction: Diffractive Processes by D.W.G.S. Leith.


1. Many Body Processes by G. Wolf and P. Soeding.
2. Inclusive Processes by G. Kramer.
3. Generalized Vector Dominance by A. Donnachie and G. Shaw.
4. Nuclear Shadowing of Electromagnetic Processes by G. Grammer Jr. and J. Sullivan.
5. Current Algebra and Electromagnetic Hadron Interactions by N. Paver.
5. Deep Inelastic Scattering by P. V. Landshoff and H. Osborn.
5. Radiative Corrections in e+e- Collisions by F.A. Berends and R. Gastmans.
5. e+e- Annihilation by F.e. Close and W.N. Cottingham.

22 January 1998