B. R. Martin, D. Morgan and G. Shaw

Published by Academic Press, 1976. ISBN: 0-12-474740-X

Pion pion interactions is a comprehensive but critical account of the status of the pion-pion interaction in the whole field of particle physics. It was written at the end of a period of intense activity, when most of the main results in this field had been elucidated, and many chapters remain surprisingly up to date.


Part I : Introduction: 1. Introduction. 2. Theoretical framework and notation.

Part II : Sources of information on pion pion scattering: 3. Pion production. 4. Processes involving dipion exchange. 5. Weak and electromagnetic interactions. 6. Summary.

Part III : Theory and models of pion pion scattering: 7. Rigorous results. 8. Analyticity at fixed momentum transfer. 9. Analytic properties of partial wave amolitudes. 10. Uses of analyticity - models and phenomenology. 11. Dynamical and field theoretic models. 12. FESR's, duality and the Veneziano model. 13 Resonance spectra. 14. Predictions from current algebra and PCAC

Part IV : Appendices: A. Notations and conventions. B. Spin analysis of di-meson production. C. High energy scattering and Regge poles. D. Current algebra and PCAC.

References. Subject index.

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