B. R. Martin and G. Shaw

Graham Shaw ( and Brian R. Martin (

Published by John Wiley and Sons in the Manchester Physics Series, 1992; 2nd edition 1997; 3rd edition October 2008.

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Particle Physics is a concise and lucid account of the fundamental constituents of matter. The standard model of particle physics is developed carefully and systematically, without heavy mathematical formalism, to make this exciting subject accessible to undergraduate students. Throughout, the emphasis is on the interpretation of experimental data in terms of the basic properties of quarks and leptons, and extensive use is made of symmetry principles and Feynman diagrams, which are introduced early in the book. The Third Edition brings the book fully up to date, including the discovery of neutrino mixing and neutrino masses, CP-violation in B-decays and the search for the Higgs boson. A final chapter is devoted to the continuing search for new physics beyond the standard model, and to particle astrophysics.

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"Overall this is a welcome addition to undergraduate literature on particle physics, and one which provides both the staple diet as well as some more exciting desserts. ... The fact is that this is a fine book which I think will rapidly establish itself as one of the standard texts." D Bailin, Contemporary Physics, June 1993.

"This is an authoritative, well planned, well written and stimulating text. Its suitability as a course book is enhanced by marking out the essential elements needed to form a coherent short course, noting the more difficult items which could sensibly be omitted, and by the inclusion of a useful set of problems, with hints towards their solution." P D B Collins, Times Higher Educational Supplement, Oct 1992.

"In summary this is a very welcome addition to my bookshelf. In several areas Martin and Shaw succeed in covering familiar topics from a new and revealing viewpoint. I highly recommend the book." Stuart Tovey, Australian & New Zealand Physicist, September, 1992.

"The second edition of Particle Physics by Brian Martin and Graham Shaw is a good introduction to the Standard Model for advanced undergraduates, with similar emphasis on fundamental concepts and interpetations of experiment. It has now been updated to include sections on recent topics like the dark matter problem and the Higgs boson." Tania Monteiro, New Scientist, October 1997.

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