Display by time
Lisbon Workshop
October 2006
John Allison
University of Manchester

Mpeg files
If this presentation doesnŐt run on your computer
The movies can be downloaded from http://www.hep.man.ac.uk/u/johna/pub/Geant4/Movies/
Individual files are indicated on relevant slides
Get a Mac

Getting time information
Get from track or step  and store (G4RichTrajectory)
Accessible through CreateAttValues at display time in your trajectory model
Instantiate trajectory in tracking action
fpTrackingManager->SetTrajectory(new G4RichTrajectory(track))
Instantiate tracking action in main
runManager->SetUserAction(new MyTrackingAction)

Time slice
Add trajectories
Create a trajectory model
Specify time slice
setTimeSliceInterval 0.1 ns

Display by time
Only in OpenGL stored mode (OGLS*) at present
/vis/ogl/set/fade 1
/vis/ogl/set/displayHeadTime true
/vis/ogl/set/displayLightFront true -90 0 0 mm
/vis/ogl/set/startTime 2 ns 1 ns
Make a loop (see exN03Vis12/13.mac)
/control/alias timeRange 0.1
/control/alias dx 0.3
/control/loop loop.mac endTime 0 0.7 0.001
where loop.mac is
/vis/viewer/pan {dx} 0 mm
/vis/ogl/set/endTime {endTime} ns {timeRange} ns

Run exampleN03
Activate instantiation of G4RichTrajectory in ExN03TrackingAction::PreUserTrackingAction
exampleN03 visTutor/exN03Vis12.mac
Draw by charge with trajectory points
Draw by particle ID (remove gŐs)
p-m-e decay
exampleN03 visTutor/exN03Vis12.mac
10 GeV EM shower showing light front and followed by panning at light speed

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Time slicing and display by time are great new features of the Geant4 Visualisation System
Understand troublesome backgrounds
Design detectors and electronics for better discrimination of particle types
Educational tool