Making a movie
Lisbon Workshop
October 2006
John Allison
University of Manchester

These movies were made with mpeg2encode (

See Application Developer Guide, Visualization, Making A Movie (from next release)
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Produce lots of files; for example
/vis/oglx/set/printEPS true
/control/loop movie.loop theta 0 360 1
where movie.loop is
/vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi {theta} 30
/vis/viewer/zoom 1.005
Convert to ppm files for mpeg2encode
for i in G4OpenGL*eps; do j=`basename $i .eps`; convert $i $j.ppm; done

mpeg2encode parameter file
I found a helpful shell script G4OpenGL_*eps
Edit resulting mpeg2encode.par
2         /* input picture file format: 2=*.ppm */
1         /* aspect_ratio_information 1=square */
mpeg2encode mpeg2encode.par G4OpenGL.mpg
Very messy and time consuming
Documented in next release

Quality disappointing
No reason why mpeg2 should be so poor
50 parameters; not learnt how to drive
Or buy QuickTime Pro (Windows and Mac)
Not expensive (20)
Convert to gif and File->Open Image Sequence
Export to mpeg4
Much superior quality

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