a Computational Tool for Higgs Phenomenology
in the MSSM with Explict CP Violation


Jae Sik Lee, Apostolos Pilaftsis, Marcela Carena, Seong Youl Choi, Manuel Drees, John Ellis, and Carlos Wagner

(1) The version 2.0 released [14/Dec/2007] (arXiv/0712.2360)
(2) Thallium, neutron, Mercury and deuteron EDMs implemented [13/Aug/2008] (arXiv/0808.1819)
(3) Muon EDM and MDM implemented [28/Apr/2009] (arXiv/0904.4352)
(4) The version 2.1 released [29/Sep/2009]
(5) The version 2.2 released [17/Jun/2010]
(6) The version 2.3 released [13/Aug/2012] (arXiv/1208.2212)   :   H-> Z gamma and SM BRs included [23/Oct/2012]

When you are using CPsuperH2.3, please also cite Comput. Phys. Commun. 156 (2004) 283, (hep-ph/0307377)
Comput. Phys. Commun. 180 (2009) 312, (arXiv:0712.2360)

Download Code: [1] This is a tarred and gzipped file for the 2nd version of the Fortran code CPsuperH2.3. Typing tar -xvzf CPsuperH2.3.tgz will create a directory called CPsuperH2.3 containing files : 0LIST,   ARRAY,   COMMON,   cpsuperh2.f,   fillinit2.f,   fillcpsuperh2.f,   aurun.f,   fillpara2.f,   fillhiggs2.f,   fillcoupl2.f,   fillgambr2.f,   filldhpg.f,   fillbobs.f,   filledms.f,   fillmuon.f,   fillcoll.f,   fillslha2.f,   makelib,   compit,  and run. To run the code CPsuperH2.3,   type   ./makelib   -->  ./compit   -->  ./run .

[2] Some examples:
     * Mhmax scenario: mhmax.f, compit.mhmax, run.mhmax
     * Nomixing scenario: nomixing.f, compit.nomixing, run.nomixing
Paper v2.3 : This is to provide new updated features of CPsuperH2.3 (arXiv:1208.2212)
Paper v2: This is a published version [Comput. Phys. Commun. 180 (2009) 312] to provide a detailed description of new advanced features of the 2nd version CPsuperH2.0 (arXiv:0712.2360)
Paper v1: This is a published pdf file [Comput. Phys. Commun. 156 (2004) 283] of the paper (hep-ph/0307377) with a detailed description of the code CPsuperH as well as Higgs phenomenology
Click here for the 1st version
Click here for the V2.0 code   Click here for the V2.1 code   Click here for the V2.2 code  

Last Update : 17 April, 2013
Jae Sik Lee