a Computational Tool for Higgs Phenomenology
in the MSSM with Explict CP Violation

Code: This is a tarred and gzipped file for the Fortran code CPsuperH. Typing tar -xvzf CPsuperH.tgz will create a directory called CPsuperH containing files : 0LIST_V1,   ARRAY,   COMMON,   cpsuperh.f,   fillpara.f,   fillhiggs.f,   fillcoupl.f,   fillgambr.f,   makelib,   compit,  and run. To run the code CPsuperH,   type   ./makelib   -->  ./compit   -->  ./run
Paper: This is a published pdf file [Comput. Phys. Commun. 156 (2004) 283] of the paper (hep-ph/0307377) with a detailed description of the code CPsuperH as well as Higgs phenomenology. For convenience, the tables for all the couplings, the input parameters and the decay modes are seperately collected in this file.
Jae Sik Lee and Apostolos Pilaftsis
Last Update : 23 January, 2007