Redwood National Park, Coastal - Friday 6th October

I've divided Redwood into 2 sections:

Redwoods National Park runs along the northern coast of California. The Redwood forest comes right down to the cliffs, creating beautiful scenery.

Us at Klamouth mouth.

Tim, me, Mark and Christina at Klamouth Overlook, where the Klamouth River runs into the sea.

Enderts beach

This is Enderts beach. It reminds me of Wales!

Christina in the sea.

Here's Christina paddling in the Pacific.

Klamouth overlook

This is the Klamouth river flowing into the see at Klamouth overlook. There were sea lions in the water below.

Redwood park coastline

The coastline of redwoods national park is beautiful. Even though it was October it was warm and sunny. There were beautiful deserted beaches all along the coast.

Enberts beach

Kim in the Pacific

Here's me in the Pacific! I wanted to swim so I just took off my jeans and went in my underwear and t-shirt! It was so fun!

Coastal path.

Looking out from the coastal path.