Paul Telford

I was a postgraduate student in the High Energy Physics (HEP ) group at the University of Manchester funded by PPARC from 2002-2006.
This involved working with the D0 Experiment situated at Fermilab in the U.S.A.

My PhD describes a measurement of the width of the W boson made indirectly from the ratio of the W->munu to Z->mumu cross sections.  In order to produce this result  I was involved in the first measurement of Z->mumu at D0 RunII along with Emily Nurse.  I was also involved in updating the W->munu cross section along with Boris Tuchming and Frederic Deliot .
The central measurement of my thesis  consisted of  combining these two cross section results to produce a measurement of the W width.
I also carried out extensive work on the tracking and muon identifcation components of D0's fast Monte Carlo simulation,  PMCS.

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Non Work Stuff

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When I was based in Manchester I was the principal trombonist in the Caos orchestra.
A few of the photos I have taken of various places can be found on my flickr site here.
I have appeared on TV on both University Challenge and Eggheads TV Programmes.

I was also a member of the victorious Manchester team that won the 2002 British Student Quiz tournament and were runners up in 2003 .
During my stay in Chicago I tried to see as much of the states as possible. The states I managed to visit can be seen below.

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