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Tool to Measure the Effect of Packet Loss on Message Arrival Times over TCP Links

tcpdelay uses a TCP/IP stream to send carefully spaced messages between two hosts. It makes the following measurements of the round trip times between those end hosts:

Installation of tcpdelay

The distribution of tcpdelay is split into two tarballs: the tcpdelay tool and the supporting library libhj. The tcpdelay-a.b.c tarball creates directory tcpdelay-a.b.c and libhj-l.m.n creates directory libhj-l.m.n. For installation and compilation in your home directory having downloaded the corresponding tcpdelay and library files, start by cd to the library directory then:

./configure --prefix=$HOME
make install

$HOME/include and $HOME/lib are created. Then cd to the directory containing tcpdelay and do:

./configure --prefix=$HOME --with-hj-location=$HOME
make install

$HOME/sbin is created with the tcpdelay programs.

Versions of tcpdelay



libhj library


Excel plots example



tar file -1.1.2 libhj-4.2.6      


tar file -1.0.0 libhj-4.1.3      

Enjoy, but the usual disclaimers apply!

Feedback and bug-reports are welcome and I will do my best to fix things!

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