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Richard Hughes-Jones, Stephen Kershaw, "Working with 10 Gigabit Ethernet", Proceedings of Science

Richard Hughes-Jones, " EXPReS FABRIC JRA1: Demonstration and Characterisation of multi-gigabit UD/IP and TCP/IP data flows over GÉANT2", EXPReS Document Multi-Gigabit_GÉANT2, May 2007

Dave Bailey, Richard Hughes-Jones, Marc Kelly, "Using FPGAs to Generate Gigabit Ethernet Data Transfers & The Network Performance of DAQ Protocols", Paper EB-FN01, Proceedings IEEE Real Time Conference 2007, Fermi Lab, 29 Apr - 4 May 2007. See also the related Talk

Simon Casey, Richard Hughes-Jones, Stephen Kershaw, Ralph Spencer, Matt Strong, "Real Time Data Transfer for Very Long Baseline Interferometry ", Paper PS2D004, Proceedings IEEE Real Time Conference 2007, Fermi Lab, 29 Apr - 4 May 2007. See also the Poster and the related Talk

"Performance of the final Event Builder for the ATLAS Experiment", Proceedings IEEE Real Time Conference 2007, Fermi Lab, 29 Apr - 4 May 2007



" Essential Components in Moving Physics Data at Gigabit Speeds for e-Science ", ESLEA Poster, Manchester Grants Visit, June 2006

"Network Performance for ATLAS Real-Time Remote Computing Farm Study Alberta, CERN Cracow, Manchester, NBI", ATLAS Poster, Manchester Grants Visit, June 2006


"GridPP: development of the UK computing Grid for particle physics ", J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 32 No 1 (January 2006) N1-N20



R. Spencer, R. Hughes-Jones and S. Casey, "High Rate Internet Data Transfer for eVLBI", All Hands Meeting, Oct 2005

Bryan Caron, Richard Hughes-Jones, Krzysztof Korcyl, Catalin Meirosu, Jakob Langgard Nielsen, " Investigation of the Networking Performance of Remote Real-time Computing Farms for ATLAS Trigger DAQ", Proceedings IEEE Real Time Conference Stockholm, Jun 2005 Related Talk

R . Hughes-Jones, K . Korcyl, C. Meirosu, "Geneva Kraków network measurements for the ATLAS Real-Time Remote Computing Farm Studies", Poster TERENA Networking Conference 2005, Poznan, Poland 6 - 9 June 2005

Richard Hughes-Jones, Peter Clarke, Steven Dallison, "Performance of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet NICs with Server Quality Motherboards" Grid Edition of Future Generation Computer Systems Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2005 p 469-488

R. Hughes-Jones, S.Dallison, "Investigating the interaction between high-performance network and disk sub-systems"
PFLDnet 2005 Lyon, Mar 2005 Related Talk, PFLDnet 2005 Lyon, Mar 2005

Ruchi Gupta, Saad Ansari, R. Les Cottrell, & Richard Hughes-Jones, "Transport Fairness Characterization and Evaluation – comparison of variants of TCP and UDP based transport with respect to transient and steady state traffic on real networks" PFLDnet 2005 Lyon, Mar 2005




R. Spencer, R. Hughes-Jones, A. Mathews and S. O’Toole, " Packet Loss in High Data Rate Internet Data Transfer for eVLBI",

Proceedings of the 7th European VLBI Network Symposium, Toledo, Spain

R. Hughes-Jones, S. Dallison, N. Pezzi, Y-T. Lee, "Bringing High-Performance Networking to HEP users"
Proceedings CHEP04 Interlaken, 27 Sep - 1Oct 2004

B. Lowekamp, B. Tierney, L. Cottrell, R. Hughes-Jones, T. Kielmann and M. Swany,
"A Hierarchy of Network Performance Characteristics for Grid Applications and Services",
GGF Network Measurements Working Group, Approved as a "GGF Proposed Recommendation", 2 July 2004
and in the GGF Document Repository

R. Hughes-Jones Editor, "A Proof of Concept Demonstration of Remote Farms for Real-Time Processing for
ATLAS Trigger/DAQ"
Atlas T/DAQ Note, 10 Jun 2004

H.P. Beck et al, "The Base-Line DataFlow System of the ATLAS Trigger and DAQ",
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, June 2004 Vol 51 number 3 p 470-475

Hadrien Bullot, R. Les Cottrell, Richard Hughes-Jones,
"Evaluation of Advanced TCP Stacks on Fast Long-Distance Production Networks",
Submitted to ACM-SIGCOMM, Jan 2004

"Final Report On Network Infrastructure And Services", Deliverable D7.4,
EU DataGrid Document DataGrid-07-D7-4-0206-2.0.doc, 26 Jan 2004



Hadrien Bullot, R. Les Cottrell, Richard Hughes-Jones,
" Evaluation of Advanced TCP Stacks on Fast Long-Distance Production Networks",
Journal of Grid Computing, Volume 1, Issue 4, Dec 2003, Pages 345 - 359

"High Performance Networking Transport applications for high bandwidth-delay connections",
EU DataTAG Document DATATAG-D2.2, 18 Dec 03

Richard Hughes-Jones, Stephen Dallison , Gareth Fairey , Robin Tasker, Miguel Rio, Yee Li,
"High Bandwidth High Throughput Data Transfers in the MB-NG and EU DataTAG Projects", e-Science All Hands Meeting, 2 Sep 02

R. E. Hughes-Jones, "The use of TCP/IP for Real-time Messages in ATLAS Trigger/DAQ",
ATLAS Data Collection Note 26, 2 Jul 2003 and as pdf

"High Performance Networking Deliverable D2.1",
EU DataTAG Document WP2-D2.1-D3, 17 Jun 03

"MB-NG Project First year report", Document identifier: MB-NG-Doc-T0-v1.2-1stYearReport, 10 June 2003

R. Hughes-Jones, S. Dallison, G. Fairey, P. Clarke and I. Bridge,
"Performance Measurements on Gigabit Ethernet NICs and Server Quality Motherboards",
In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks (PFLDnet 2003), Geneva, Switzerland, February 2003 and as pdf Paper

Richard Hughes-Jones, Olivier Martin, Sylvain Ravot, Harvey Newman,
"ICFA SCIC Advanced Technologies Interim Report", ICFA, Feb 03




"Network Services: Requirements, Deployment and Use in Testbeds", Deliverable D7.3,
EU DataGrid Document: DataGrid-07-D7.3-0113-2-0, 17 Oct 2002

Richard Hughes-Jones, Steve Parsley , Ralph Spencer,
"High Data Rate Transmission in High Resolution Radio Astronomy - vlbiGRID",
FGCS Special Issue: IGRID2002 Vol 19 (2003) No 6, August 03

"Evaluation of Tranport Services and Appications",
EU DataTAG Document: WP2-D2.1-D4, 20 Dec 02

"Proposal for Joint Collaborative Investigations between DataGrid WP7 and Dante",
EU DataGrid Document DataGrid-WP7-TR7-2.0304.0.6, 29 April 2002

"Grid network monitoring: Demonstration of enhanced monitoring tools", Deliverable D7.2,
EU DataGrid Document: WP7-D7.2-0110-4-1, January 2002



R.Hughes-Jones, "Initial Investigation of the Performance of Managed Bandwidth Links on SuperJANET III
Using Low Level Network Protocols."
, Nov 2000

R. Hughes-Jones and F. Saka,
"Investigation of the Performance of 100Mbit and Gigabit Ethernet Components Using Raw Ethernet Frames",
Technical Report ATL-COM-DAQ-2000-014, Mar 2000; and as pdf report




R.Hughes-Jones, "Some Preliminary Network Measurements with the H.323 VCON Cards"

PIPVIC Note, Oct 1999



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