Software/Dealer Black List

THERE ARE some dealers and software that fails to meet average expectations.

This page will become a depository of the best and worst of this category


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I booked aticket to Cornwall for the eclipse. All special first class fares for the weekend before and after the eclipse were suspended so it was a full whack ticket costing 212GBP. Virgin said they had done this to ensure passenger comfort and overcrowding. But they forgot to tell people down the management line and they also didn't seem to stop taking bookings when all seats were sold. On the outward journey, I heard the staff discussing what to do because they seemed to have more than one seat reservation per seat. They announced that the printer wasnt working so it was "free seating" for the journey. Fortunately I got on first and got my seat, but it was a battle to keep it, because many people with 2nd class tickets, seeing carriages full of heaving bodies tried to sit in 1st class and pay the usual 10GBP upgrade. One or two managed it so when the train got to Cheltenham, a family of four travelling on a special Virgin "compensation for a previous cock-up" first class ticket had absoluetely nowhere to sit. The toilets in 1st class had been locked and access to the nearest one was via 100 stacked bodies. It isn't possible to find a toilet on most stations these days. They are all locked with a notice "Closed due to vandalism". Apart from all that, it was a nice journey. I had a nice lunch of salad greeen leaf, "still on the vine" tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, redcurrants, Roquefort, Prosciutto, olive oil dressing, Polish rye bread, a bottle of Margaux and two peaches for dessert. All served on a white linen tablecloth. Not bad for Virgin I hear you say? But hang on......... I took a hamper with me.