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Promo Video

Beta.2 version Most bugsfixed


• Interlacing now OK
• Dropouts fixed
• Synch problems.fixed

FORMAT 28 kbps Modem 56 kbps Modem ISDN LAN Broadband
RealPlayer Yes (2.2 MB) Yes(3.2 MB) Yes(7.3 MB) No
Quicktime Yes Yes (22 MB) No No
Windows Media No Yes Yes No
MPEG-1 No No Yes Yes(33 MB)
MPEG-2 No No Yes (2.4 GB) No
MP3 (audio only) No Yes (10.2 MB) Yes No

When selecting streaming media (RealPlayer & Quicktime) you need to have the correct software installed. The software will calculate the download time and start to play when it decides the download will be completed before the end of playing. If the download becomes slower, the playing will stop.

The video lasts for 11 minutes and the download time will be at least this.

Do not try to download the MPEG file down a telephone line unless you are not affected by the phone bill.

Glossary & Technical Notes
RealPlayer Quicktime Windows Media MPEG-1
MPEG-2 MP3 Codec  
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