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Formerly at RAL (1978-1992) and member of JADE, now at Manchester.
Professor of Physics and Head of the Particle Physics Group since April 1992.
F.R.S. March 1995
Member of H1.
I have just started a new project to develop neutron detectors with the eventual aim of detecting neutrinos from e.g. supernovae and which simultaneously will improve the sensitivity of existing dark matter searches by providing a background veto. This involves the use of materials like: Boron Trifluoride, Lithium 6 loaded scintillator and Gadolinium liquid scintillators which are being evaluated for efficiency, performance and stability.
A test counters to study the Gd loaded liquid scintillator has now been built and work will begin on a Li6 detector soon.
Telephone: 0161-275-4170, Fax: 0161-273-5867
Internet e:mail: robin@m2.ph.man.ac.uk
Address, Dept of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL

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On the PR side, I got a grant of £4.5k from PPARC to support the Manchester Science Event, linking Particle Physics to Art and Music.

I have stopped the cricket page because the PA NewsCentre provides a much better service.