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Audio clips from lectures by

E Rutherford, Heidelberg (1933) [From recording of full lecture, circa 50 mins]

M Born, Heidelberg (1933) [Introduces Rutherford in capacity as Dean]

Here are some clips, about 20 secs each from the 1961 Rutherford Jubilee Conference.

I have tried several quality levels and this is the best that can be done with RealPlayer audio files. The originals are better.

E Marsden, Manchester (1961) [From 45 min talk at Rutherford Jubilee Conference]

E Segre, Manchester (1961) [Brings greetings to Jubilee Conference from USA]

C G Darwin, Manchester (1961) [From 20 min talk]

E N da C Andrade, Manchester (1961) [From 20 min talk]

N Bohr , Manchester(1961) [From 15 min talk]

Sir Charles Darwin (grandson of the evolutionist), Sir E Marsden, E N da C Andrade and Prof Niels Bohr were photographed on the day of the above recording, together with Sir James Chadwick, who did not speak at the commemorative session.

R Marshall, Daresbury (1970) [From first public appearance]

E Gabathuler, Daresbury (1970) [From an early appearance]

G Rochester, Manchester (1986) [From a full seminar]

C C Butler, Loughborough (1997) [From an interview at home]

S C C Ting, Manchester (1997) [From V-particle Jubilee conf in Manchester]