My Back Pages

This will be the depository for my family history, miscellaneous interests and things.

Like this picture of me (age 1/4) and my dad (age 22).

The emergence of this creature in Yorkshire could be why war had been declared.

Here's my Dad again

at the age of 16 at the village (Embsay) cricket awards. He is 3rd from the left in the back row, standing directly behind the legendary Wilfred Rhodes (2nd from left middle row) who presented the awards.

Here's my Mum, also at the age of 16

at Malham Tarn which is close to the village where she was born: Giggleswick.

Here's me (age 10) with my Mum (age 35).

Pictures of my great grandfather William Marshall and great grandmother Sarah,

photographed in the swinging 60s (1860s that is).

School Play, Androcles and The Lion. (I'm not the fish).

After my stunning performance as Sam the slave, I got a leading part next year as MacDuff. I had difficulty with the bit that went "My little ones? All my little ones?"

Vienna Conference 1968. Partons just announced.

Left to right: Herr Becker, Herr Rohde, Herr Cohen, Herr Marshall, Herr Sanders, Herr Knasel, Herr Binkley.

Liverpool Conference 1969.


Left to right, front row:

RM, S C C Ting, C N Yang.

1970s at Daresbury.

I liked that shirt!


Left to right: Standing: RM, Laurie Littenberg, David Ward, Graham Brookes, Roger Clifft, Steve Rock, Dave Tolfree. Crouching: John Thompson, Erwin Gabathuler.

Professor Ting once told me, always stand on the right facing the camera, then the caption will read: Left to Right: RM, etc (see also the picture above with Professor Ting and the one below with Ting and Rutherford.

Tomorrow's World May 1992.

With H1 apparatus and first data.

Manchester 1997

Left to right: RM, E Rutherford, S C C Ting.

Other activities include

writing questions for Granada TV's "Quiznight".