Frontiers of Particle Physics III:

High energy ep physics

This is a postgraduate course in semester 2. The course structure has 8 formal lectures on the formalism and kinematics of lepton-nucleon scattering, developing the formulae from simple Rutherford scattering, through elastic scattering of spinless and spin half particles off spinless and spin half targets. The lectures are followed by a series of seminars/colloquia given by members of the Manchester H1 group. The speakers for semester 2, 1999 are Nick Malden (Exotics), Paul Bate (Total photoproduction cross section), Ben Waugh (Gluons in the proton), Brian Cox (Diffraction), Robin Marshall (Structure functions).

The course lectures and seminars are available in wire bound printed form (see here for a sample page) containing the formal lectures and the seminars. Videos of the seminars are available on CD-rom, with a sample here from Nick's exotic talk. They are also available on VHS (one 4 hour tape).

Nick presenting the talk on Exotics.
Paul presenting the talk on Total Photoproduction Cross Section.
Brian giving the colloquium on Diffraction in DIS.


This is the cover page of the lecture notes: