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Party Up The World

The Manchester Science Event & D:Ream

The Manchester Science Event was a series of happenings in the physics department, linking science, music and art. The Pop Group D:REAM were involved in some of these events. They made a video of their single Party Up The World at the Physics Department's 90 metre high Jodrell Bank. The link to particle physics starts with the former band member Brian Cox, now a particle physics research sc ientist at Manchester.
Following on a press conference, the making of the video and the Science Event were featured on BBC and ITV news. There has also been several spreads in the Manchester Evening News.
We held two big Events in the Physics Department of the University featuring famous faces from the world of Science and Pop Music -- before an invited audience of 16-17 yr olds.
Photos taken during the Events can be found here.

People who took part in the show or helped produce it.

  • Kate Bellingham, broadcaster and presenter (Tomorrow's World, Acid Test)
  • Frank Close - Theoretical Physicist, Writer, RI Christmas Lectures (Cosmic Onion)
  • Brian Cox - Particle Physics Group 0161 275 4169
  • Jenny Dodd - Freelance Producer/Director.
  • Robin Marshall - Particle Physics Group 0161 275 4170
  • Graham Massey Leader of 808 State and writer of tracks for the recent Bjork album.
  • James Maw - Writer and ex TV Producer. Internet e-mail: james@m2.ph.man.ac.uk
  • Patrick Moore - Astronomer and TV personality
  • Susan Rider - Action Time TV
  • Beth Vokurka - Research Student in The Particle Physics Group in Manchester
Where to Look and Listen -- Likely places to see The Video, Features, Publicity and Information

  • BBC North West Tonight
  • Granada Reports
  • ITV Network The Chart Show: 2nd September
  • BBC Radio Five Live. Acid Test on Sunday 15th Oct
  • Manchester Evening News
  • MTV and VH-1


Sponsors of the Science Events

  • The Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC).
Producing and Funding the Pop Side

  • FXU
  • East/West Records (Warner Music UK Ltd)
Internet Email

Address for correspondence:
Professor Robin Marshall FRS
or Dr Brian Cox
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL