List of Events for 1995

Party Up The World -- The New Face of Science

Video shoot 28-29 July 1995
The video was shot on location at Jodrell Bank in the Department of Physics & Astronomy in the University of Manchester.

Media call 29th August 1995
This was scheduled for the day after the release of the single/video "Party Up the World" and was be held at Jodrell Bank.
Invitations went out to:
Major TV companies
Local and National Radio
Science correspondents of national Daily Newspapers
Science Journals
Pop Music correspondents of National Daily Newspapers
The specialist Pop Music Press

During the press call, a combo consisting of Pete Cunnah (vocals & acoustic guitar), Brian Cox (keyboard) and T-J (vocals) gave a live performance of some of D:REAM's singles

Evening Events 9-10 October 1995
Attendance at the Evening Events, which were held in the Department of Physics in the University of Manchester was free but by invitation only. Requests for over 800 tickets were received following publicity in the local newspapers and TV at the end of August.
People who appeared at the Evening Events and made a science/music demo were
Kate Bellingham
Prof Frank Close
Brian Cox
Bryson Gore
Graham Massey
Patrick Moore
Beth Hill Vokurka, graduate of the Univ of Illinois & British Council "Marshall" scholar at Manchester University