January 1993. Equipped with a small legacy from an uncle,an increasingly disenchanted girlfriend, and a few disjointed clues, Jay Morgan journeys to Mexico to track down the father he has never seen.

The odyssey that lies ahead is by turns funny and frightening, as Jay encounters a host of colourful characters, all in some way connected to his quarry -- an elderly Russian princess who claims to have been his father's lover, a security-concious American gangster and a beaurocratic British Embassy attache who both seem to know rather more than they are letting on, as well as the beautiful Karina, who is surely at the centre of the mystery.

Praise for James Maw's Year of the Jaguar:

'Irresistible' MAXIM

'Steamily authentic' SUNDAY TIMES

'Splendid evocations of the land and its people' INDEPENDENT

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