Mills Clearwater is a long way from his Texas roots. A long way too from his new home in Oxford and his friend, fellow student Jude Cornelius.

Landing in Venezuela, Mills immediately finds himself in the midst of a bloody assassination. His trans-continental journey will take in some of Latin America's wildest locations and weirdest inhabitants.

There's a Charlie Chaplin look-alike and wannabe saint, a dreadlocked German drop-out, the leisured offspring of Columbia's drug barons, and a sinister, shadowy figure who reports directly to the office of US presidential candidate Senator Clearwater ... Mills' dad.

As Mills' adventure spirals out of control and excitement gives way to terror, it's up to Jude to get him out alive... and a minor miracle wouldn't go amiss.

James read passages from his book at Waterstones in Manchester on Friday May 29th 1998.

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