Video Shoot at Jodrell Bank July 95

The video of the new D:REAM single was filmed over two days at Jodrell Bank, the giant radio telescope of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the University of Manchester. Details of the pop-science link were presented at a Press Conference on 29th August timed to coincide with the release of the single.

A crew and cast of 60 took part in the video shoot.
Here are some still frames from the video of the video shoot on 28/29th July 1995.

Frame 1
-- (L to R) - Brian Cox and Band member Pierson
Frame 2 -- Member of cast.
Frame 3 -- 1st AD Barry , Director Max and member of cast
Frame 4 -- Shoot in progress.
Frame 5 -- Some members of the cast, including Devine Murphy on the right.
Frame 6 -- Member of the cast.
Frame 7 -- Aerial view of the site.
Frame 8 -- Member of cast.
Frame 9 -- Two members of cast.
Frame 10 -- Pete and Sue Rider on the telescope.
Frame 11 and Frame 12 -- Shoot in progress.
Frame 13 -- 1st AD Barry talks to cast.
Frame 14 -- 5 minute pause.
Frame 15 -- The Martians review the helicam footage.
Frame 16 -- Pete on the tower.
Frame 17 -- Barry tells John Haggis he did not knowingly send Pete up without a safety harness.
Frame 18 -- John Haggis goes looking for his safety harness.
Frame 19 -- Shoot in progress.
Frame 20 -- Shoot in progress.
Frame 21 -- Shoot in progress.

Here are two frame grabs from the Chart Show on 2nd Sept 1995
..... ....
Photographer Lee Martin, 147 Hornby Rd, Blackpool FY1 4JG, Tel 01378 180908, took photos for press coverage. Here are a few of his shots, copied off the proofs.

Picture 1 -- (Lto R) Robin Marshall, Brian Cox and Pete Cunnah on the telescope structure.
Picture 2 -- Pete gets a touch up from makeup.
Picture 3 -- Two members of the supporting cast.
Picture 4 -- Part of the shoot. Young people arriving for the Party Up The World.
Picture 5 -- Pete and Brian get ready to go into the dish.
Picture 6 -- Barely enough light for shooting.
Picture 7 -- Pete invites people up the structure for the Party.
Picture 8 -- Member of supporting cast supports the telescope.

Please note that the copyright to the still frames is owned jointly by Professor Robin Marshall and Warner Music UK Ltd. Copyright to the photos is owned by Lee Martin.