Christmas Meeting 2004/5

Manchester Particle Physics

Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th January 2005

The meeting will be in the Kilburn building, rooms 1.3 and 1.4 This is open and heated through the winter so we should be able to meet without freezing.

The best access is from the Precinct Centre, into the Computer Science tunnel on the 1st floor, entrance by turning left before the pond. The rooms are straight in front of you and then left at the palm tree. However that won't be open on the 4th, and we'll have to come in through the goods lift and up the stairs. Go past the Lower First floor to the real First Floor and then follow the signs to lecture theatres 1.3/1.4.

Tea and Coffee and Lunch and Mince Pies will be provided at appropriate times.

Would speakers please make their talks available by one of the following ways (in order of preference)

Tuesday 9:30-11:00 ATLAS
Ian Duerdoth 10' Overview
Steve Snow 15' SCT alignment and the Magnetic Field Map
Ray Thompson 15' SCT module production
Joe Foster 15' SCT module QA
Sarah Allwood 15' WW scattering
Chris Tevlin 15' Towards a high precision measurement of the top mass at the LHC
Fred Loebinger 10' Fred and the Students
Tuesday 11:30-1:00 Forward Physics
Brian Cox 15' The FP420 project at the LHC
Andrew Pilkington 15' Interpreting the recent double pomeron to dijets results
James Monk 15' The ExHume Monte Carlo
Irina Nasteva 15' Diffractive Higgs to WW
Will Plano (TBC) 15' Topic to be decided
Tuesday 2:00-3:30 eScience and Computing
Andrew McNab 15' Grid Security
Shiv Kaushal 15' Grid Security
Gareth Fairey 10' Networking
Sabah Salih 15' To be announced
Peter Moore 15' E-Science "Health Management": Online ANN survival prediction for cancer patients
James Werner 15' BaBar and Job Submission
Tuesaday 4:5:30 Miscellanea
Stefan Söldner-Rembold 15' The SuperNemo Project
Darren Price 10' GEANT4 Simulations for SuperNemo
Adam Mercer 10' Collimators and Wakefields at the ILC
Carl Gwilliam 15' HERA: High |t| diffractive photoproduction of rho mesons
Nick Malden 15' H1: NC/CC ratios with polarised electrons, and the narrow anticharmed (pentaquark?) state
Wednesday 9:30-11:00
Stefan Söldner-Rembold/Terry Wyatt 15' DØ : Selected Topics
Paul Telford (+ Emily Nurse) 15' W to mu nu and Z to mu mu production at DØ
Mark Owen 10' Doubly Charged Higgs Decays into tau leptons at DØ
Nasim Fatemi-Ghomi 10' A 3rd year lab experiment using DØ data
Marc Kelly 10' DØ and Babar
Wednesday 11:30-1:00 BaBar
George Lafferty 15' BaBar tau physics (and the OPAL pentaquark search)
Mitchell Naisbit 15' BaBar: tau -> pi pi0 nu
Chia Yaw Ming 15' BaBar: Charmonium and the Trogger
Nick Barlow 15' BaBar: EMC and B -> J psi h h
Tim West 10' BaBar: tau to 4 pi
Roger Barlow 15' BaBar, accelerators, and all that
Alessandra Forti (Wednesday) 15' The Tier 2 centre
Wednesday 2:00-4:00+ Theory
Graham Shaw 15' Colour Dipoles
Mike Seymour (by proxy) 5' Collider Physics and QCD Phenomenology
Jeff Forshaw 15' Collider Phenomenology
Albrecht Kyrielis 15' Gaps between Jets
Jae Sik 15' Title not yet chosen
Sandy Donnachie 15' Evidence for quark spn-flip in pomeron exchange including the rho(1250): fact or fiction"
Apostolos Pilaftsis 10' New Formalism for Renormalization to All Orders
Simon Bray 10' Production of heavy neutrinos at the NLC
Lars Nilse 15' High-Energy Unitarity in Orbifold Theories
Tom Underwood 15' Resonant Leptogenesis

Listening but not talking
Tim Blight, Neil Hodgkinson, Mike Ibbotson, Robin Marshall Andres Osorio, Edward Rial

Apologies received from
Mrinal Dasgupta, Yazid Delenda, Christina Edgar, Richard Hughes-Jones, Mike Jones, Scott Kolya, Dave Mercer, Jo Pater, Marta Tavera, Jenny Williams, Chikara Kimura, Tamsin Edwards