Christmas Meeting 2005/6

Manchester Particle Physics

Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th January 2006

Talks will be in the Moseley Lecture Theatre. Lunch will be provided, so remember to forget your sandwiches. Some people have more activities than talks, and can disregard the session title to do cover it all. Please plan to keep to time: there is flexibility in the schedule to allow for questions.

Would speakers please make their talks available by one of the following ways (in order of preference)

Wednesday 9:30-11:00 ATLAS I
Fred Loebinger 15' Setting the Scene
Ray Thompson 20' ATLAS hardware and other things
Jo Pater 20' Endcap Reception and Testing
Joe Foster 15' Endcap module QA
Steve Snow 15' Field Mapping and SCT alignment
Wednesday 11:30-12:30 Theory I
Simon Bray 15' Heavy Majorana Neutrinos at a linear colider
Lars Nilse 15' Classification of Orbifolds
Tim Coughlin 15' Calculations at the Amplitude Level
Wednesday 2:15-3:00 SuperNEMO
Stefan Söldner-Rembold 20' NEMO and SuperNEMO ( sxi )
Nasim Fatemi-Ghomi 15' First experience with NEMO-III data
Wednesday 3:30-5:30 Accelerators
Roger Barlow 25' Accelerators and other things
Rob Appleby 15' The ILC: The Interaction Region and beyond
Roger Jones 15' The ILC: Wake fields in the LINAC
Chris Glasman 10' Wake field Simulations
Adriana Bungau 15' Collimator damage
German Kourevlev 15' Collimator wakefields and heating
Adam Mercer 15' Wakefields and Haloes
Thursday 9:30-11:00 ATLAS II
Paul Bell 30' End cap installation and other things
Thorsten Wengler 30' Trigger and other things
Simon Head 10' Adventures with WW analysis
James Keates 10' Simulation of jet gap events
Chris Tevlin 10' Top Physics
Thursday 11:30-12:30 BaBar I
George Lafferty 15' BaBar tau physics
Mitchell Naisbit 15' BaBar: tau -> pi pi0 nu
Chia Yaw Ming 15' BaBar: B -> J/psi h h
Thursday 1:00-2:30 BaBar II
Jong Yi 15' BaBar: EMC and B -> D* pi pi
Nick Barlow 15' BaBar: EMC and B -> J psi h h
Kim Alwyn 10' BaBar: pi zero efficiency
Tim West (in absentia) 15' BaBar: tau to 4 pi
Christina Edgar 15' BaBar: tau to 5 pi
Thursday 3:00-6:00
Terry Wyatt (video) 20' DØ and the Tevatron
Stefan Söldner-Rembold 15' DØ at Manchester
Remigius Mommsen (video) 15' CTT upgrade for RunIIb
Krisztian Peters 20' Improving the HCAL for precision measurements
Nasim Fatemi-Ghomi 10' Br(W to mu nu) for students
Mark Owen 20' Search for H to tau tau with muons
Matthew Ford (video) 20' Data Quality and H to tau tau with electrons
Philip Rich 10' A first look at WH to hadronic tau and b bbar
Steve Kelly 10' tau reconstruction
Marc Kelly 15' Stuff
Friday 9:30-11:30 eScience and Computing
Andrew McNab 15' Grid Security 1
Joseph Dada 10' Grid Security 2
Sergey Dolgobrodov 10' Grid Security 3
Yibiao Li 10' Grid Security 4
James Werner ( pdf ppt) 15' Grid in Action
Sabah Salih 15' Computing - why Blair got it wrong
Colin Morey 15' The Manchester Tier 2 Centre
Alessandra Forti 15' NorthGrid
Friday 12:00-12:45 Theory II
Mike Seymour (video) 20' The HERWIG++ project
Albrecht Kyrieleis 15' Jets and QCD resummation
Neil Hodgkinson 15' TBA
Friday 12:45-1:15 CDF
Un-ki Yang 20' Top mass and New Phenomena at CDF
Friday 2:00-3:00 FP420
Brian Cox 15' Diffraction at DØ
Andrew Pilkington 15'
Will Plano 15'
Friday 3:30-5:30 Discussion

Listening but not talking
Sandy, Dave B

Apologies received from
Alessandra (Italy), Björn (Germany), Jorge (Mexico), Mitch (dentist), Mike (Dresden), Richard, Tim W (Australia), Paul M, Yazid (abroad)

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Richard B, Jeff, Apostolos, Graham, Scott, Neil, Sarah, Carl, Shiv, Irina, Andres, Peter, Paul T