Talks and posters 2003

Date Talk Occasion Where given
December 2003 EMC status BaBar Operations Meeting SLAC
November 2003 EMC status BaBar Operations Meeting SLAC
31st October 2003 The GRID - Hype or reality? J V Atanasoff Symposium Iowa State University
23 October 2003 UK TierA usage BaBar CSC SLAC
22 September 2003 EMC Backgrounds and Radiation Issues Background workshop SLAC
8 September 2003 Introduction to Statistical Issues in Particle Physics PHYSTAT03 SLAC
September 2003 Asymmetric Errors PHYSTAT03 SLAC
June 2003 Observaion in BaBar of a narrow resonance in the D+s pizero system at 2317 MeV FPCP conference Paris
June 2003 Babar distributed computing resources BaBar Computing review SLAC
May 2003 Asymmetric Errors BaBar collaboration meeting Elba
May 2003 A skimdata interface BaBar collaboration meeting Elba
5th February 2003 melting TESLA spoilers LC-UK meeting QMW
5th February 2003 The LC-ABD collaboration LC-UK meeting QMW
31st January The future of GridPP: BaBar, DØ and other experiments GridPP2 Cosenors House