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Using the University Address Book

This mini-guide will show you how to get the university address book working (for staff and students) in Pine – meaning you don't have to go to the ground floor to get the email address of an undergraduate you need to track down. This is particularly useful for lab demonstrators and tutors.

There is an alternative method of setting this up devised by Mike Jones which provides seperate address books for students/staff and Manchester/UMIST. I have not tried them out yet but I beleive that it improves the speed of the search.

On to the fun stuff! These instructions work on my version of pine (4.4) but I cannot guarantee that they will work for all versions. If you have any reservations about doing this kind of thing, I advise you sepak to your systems manager.

Start up pine from a shell

# pine

Then press S (setup) followed by D (directory services) and then A (add directory). You will get a screen that looks something like this:

The settings need to be changed (using the up and down arrows and Enter to edit) to look like this:

Then the only things left to do are save the changes and exit. Press E (exit), Y(yes, save changes), E(exit again) and finally Q(quit) and Y (yes).

The next time you go into your address book (A from teh main menu) you will see two options; .address book (this is your standard address book in your home area) and University Address Book.

If you select the first option you get your contact addresses as normal. If you select the second option you will be asked for a search string. The settings above will search the person's surname and see if any part matches your search string. For example, seraching for 'aushal' should bring up my email address(es) as well as some other details.

That's pretty much it. If you have any problems following any of the above, or just some general questions email me at

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