Frontiers of Particle Physics I

Terry Wyatt's Lectures on Collider Physics

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Problem Sheet


Recommendations for Future Reading

For background reading relevant to my lectures, I recommend the text book "Particle Physics" by B.R. Martin and G. Shaw (publisher John Wiley and Sons). Please note that a 3rd edition has recently been published, which is much more up to date and relevant than earlier editions. In particular, a quite good first introduction to the ideas of gauge symmetry, unification of the Electromagnetic and Weak interactions and the Higgs boson can be found in Chapter 9 and Appendix D of the 3rd edition of Martin and Shaw.

As mentioned in the lecture notes, here is a short review that might be of interest to some of you as optional background reading:

`High-energy colliders and the rise of the standard model', T.R.Wyatt. Nature 448 (2007) 274-280, which is available at:

A longer and more complete version of this review (for those interested in pursuing this subject further) is available at:

I've hopefully convinced you that you can start to read the original research literature in particle physics. Here are some useful web links

Your Questions, Feedback, etc

If you have questions about the physics or feedback on the lectures, I'd be very interested to hear them. Please come and find me in Room 6.22 (Schuster) or:

Send email to userid: twyatt at the mailserver: