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GridSite 0.9.x Documentation

GridSite is a set of extensions to the Apache 2.0 webserver, which support Grid security based on X.509 certificates. Since GridSite applies access control within Apache itself, via mod_gridsite, Grid authorization and the associated verified credentials are available to all technologies supported by Apache, including static file serving, SSI, CGI, PHP, JSP and mod_perl.


User Guide
End-user documentation for people managing webpages and files on GridSite servers.

Admin Guide
For people administrating areas of GridSite websites or fileservers, or managing GridSite's support for DN List groups.

Building and Installation
Instructions for building GridSite from source, and installing from binaries or RPMs.

Config Guide
For webmasters setting up Apache 2.0 and GridSite, and writing the Apache httpd.conf file.

Example configuration file for a simple HTTP(S) fileserver, with explanatory comments.


Grid Access Control Lists
Syntax and usage of the XML Grid Access Control Lists used by GridSite.

htcp and urlencode man pages
Command line tools for copying files to or from HTTP(S) servers, and for URL-encoding strings.

An Apache 2.0 module which enforces access control via Grid Access Control Lists, and X.509, GSI or VOMS credentials. mod_gridsite also gives Apache built-in support for the HTTP PUT and DELETE methods, and formatting of HTML pages with standard headers and footers.

gridsite.h API reference
A detailed description of the C API provided by libgridsite, generated from the sources by doxygen.

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