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grst_gacl.c File Reference


int GRSTgaclInit (void)
GRSTgaclCredGRSTgaclCredNew (char *type)
int GRSTgaclCredAddValue (GRSTgaclCred *cred, char *name, char *value)
int GRSTgaclCredFree (GRSTgaclCred *cred)
int GRSTgaclEntryAddCred (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, GRSTgaclCred *cred)
int GRSTgaclEntryDelCred (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, GRSTgaclCred *cred)
int GRSTgaclCredPrint (GRSTgaclCred *cred, FILE *fp)
GRSTgaclEntryGRSTgaclEntryNew (void)
int GRSTgaclEntryFree (GRSTgaclEntry *entry)
int GRSTgaclAclAddEntry (GRSTgaclAcl *acl, GRSTgaclEntry *entry)
int GRSTgaclEntryPrint (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, FILE *fp)
int GRSTgaclPermPrint (GRSTgaclPerm perm, FILE *fp)
int GRSTgaclEntryAllowPerm (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, GRSTgaclPerm perm)
int GRSTgaclEntryUnallowPerm (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, GRSTgaclPerm perm)
int GRSTgaclEntryDenyPerm (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, GRSTgaclPerm perm)
int GRSTgaclEntryUndenyPerm (GRSTgaclEntry *entry, GRSTgaclPerm perm)
char * GRSTgaclPermToChar (GRSTgaclPerm perm)
GRSTgaclPerm GRSTgaclPermFromChar (char *s)
GRSTgaclAclGRSTgaclAclNew (void)
int GRSTgaclAclFree (GRSTgaclAcl *acl)
int GRSTgaclAclPrint (GRSTgaclAcl *acl, FILE *fp)
int GRSTgaclAclSave (GRSTgaclAcl *acl, char *filename)
GRSTgaclAclGRSTgaclAclLoadFile (char *filename)
int GRSTgaclFileIsAcl (char *pathandfile)
char * GRSTgaclFileFindAclname (char *pathandfile)
GRSTgaclAclGRSTgaclAclLoadforFile (char *pathandfile)
GRSTgaclUserGRSTgaclUserNew (GRSTgaclCred *cred)
int GRSTgaclUserFree (GRSTgaclUser *user)
int GRSTgaclUserAddCred (GRSTgaclUser *user, GRSTgaclCred *cred)
int GRSTgaclUserHasCred (GRSTgaclUser *user, GRSTgaclCred *cred)
GRSTgaclCredGRSTgaclUserFindCredtype (GRSTgaclUser *user, char *type)
int GRSTgaclUserSetDNlists (GRSTgaclUser *user, char *dnlists)
int GRSTgaclDNlistHasUser (char *listurl, GRSTgaclUser *user)
GRSTgaclPerm GRSTgaclAclTestUser (GRSTgaclAcl *acl, GRSTgaclUser *user)
GRSTgaclPerm GRSTgaclAclTestexclUser (GRSTgaclAcl *acl, GRSTgaclUser *user)


char * grst_perm_syms []
GRSTgaclPerm grst_perm_vals []

Function Documentation

int GRSTgaclAclAddEntry GRSTgaclAcl   acl,
GRSTgaclEntry   entry

int GRSTgaclAclFree GRSTgaclAcl   acl

GRSTgaclAcl* GRSTgaclAclLoadFile char *    filename

GRSTgaclAcl* GRSTgaclAclLoadforFile char *    pathandfile

GRSTgaclAcl* GRSTgaclAclNew void   

int GRSTgaclAclPrint GRSTgaclAcl   acl,
FILE *    fp

int GRSTgaclAclSave GRSTgaclAcl   acl,
char *    filename

GRSTgaclPerm GRSTgaclAclTestexclUser GRSTgaclAcl   acl,
GRSTgaclUser   user

GRSTgaclPerm GRSTgaclAclTestUser GRSTgaclAcl   acl,
GRSTgaclUser   user

int GRSTgaclCredAddValue GRSTgaclCred   cred,
char *    name,
char *    value

int GRSTgaclCredFree GRSTgaclCred   cred

GRSTgaclCred* GRSTgaclCredNew char *    type

int GRSTgaclCredPrint GRSTgaclCred   cred,
FILE *    fp

int GRSTgaclDNlistHasUser char *    listurl,
GRSTgaclUser   user

int GRSTgaclEntryAddCred GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
GRSTgaclCred   cred

int GRSTgaclEntryAllowPerm GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
GRSTgaclPerm    perm

int GRSTgaclEntryDelCred GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
GRSTgaclCred   cred

int GRSTgaclEntryDenyPerm GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
GRSTgaclPerm    perm

int GRSTgaclEntryFree GRSTgaclEntry   entry

GRSTgaclEntry* GRSTgaclEntryNew void   

int GRSTgaclEntryPrint GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
FILE *    fp

int GRSTgaclEntryUnallowPerm GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
GRSTgaclPerm    perm

int GRSTgaclEntryUndenyPerm GRSTgaclEntry   entry,
GRSTgaclPerm    perm

char* GRSTgaclFileFindAclname char *    pathandfile

int GRSTgaclFileIsAcl char *    pathandfile

int GRSTgaclInit void   

GRSTgaclPerm GRSTgaclPermFromChar char *    s

int GRSTgaclPermPrint GRSTgaclPerm    perm,
FILE *    fp

char* GRSTgaclPermToChar GRSTgaclPerm    perm

int GRSTgaclUserAddCred GRSTgaclUser   user,
GRSTgaclCred   cred

GRSTgaclCred* GRSTgaclUserFindCredtype GRSTgaclUser   user,
char *    type

int GRSTgaclUserFree GRSTgaclUser   user

int GRSTgaclUserHasCred GRSTgaclUser   user,
GRSTgaclCred   cred

GRSTgaclUser* GRSTgaclUserNew GRSTgaclCred   cred

int GRSTgaclUserSetDNlists GRSTgaclUser   user,
char *    dnlists

Variable Documentation

char* grst_perm_syms[]

Initial value:

  { "none",
                                NULL              }

GRSTgaclPerm grst_perm_vals[]

Initial value:

                                     -1                }

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