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grst_http.c File Reference


void GRSThttpBodyInit (GRSThttpBody *thisbody)
void GRSThttpPrintf (GRSThttpBody *thisbody, char *fmt,...)
int GRSThttpCopy (GRSThttpBody *thisbody, char *file)
void GRSThttpWriteOut (GRSThttpBody *thisbody)
int GRSThttpPrintHeaderFooter (GRSThttpBody *bp, char *file, char *headfootname)
char * GRSThttpGetCGI (char *name)
char * GRSThttpUrlDecode (char *in)
char * GRSThttpUrlEncode (char *in)
char * GRSThttpUrlMildencode (char *in)

Function Documentation

void GRSThttpBodyInit GRSThttpBody   thisbody

int GRSThttpCopy GRSThttpBody   thisbody,
char *    file

char* GRSThttpGetCGI char *    name

void GRSThttpPrintf GRSThttpBody   thisbody,
char *    fmt,

int GRSThttpPrintHeaderFooter GRSThttpBody   bp,
char *    file,
char *    headfootname

char* GRSThttpUrlDecode char *    in

char* GRSThttpUrlEncode char *    in

char* GRSThttpUrlMildencode char *    in

void GRSThttpWriteOut GRSThttpBody   thisbody

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